Hands down, happy hour at Sushi Cam is a great deal. A deal is a deal and it is not a trip to a five star dining experience. The key to enjoying the happy hour here is to refrain from trying to make a monkey into a raccoon. Relax, and take the place for what it is. The sushi is $1.50 a plate and you can get a glass of tap beer for the same price. Wine and hot sake are $3.00 (regular price). If your game is on television, you can catch it on one of the big screens at the bar.

Friday and Saturday nights are extra special. Starting at 8:00 p.m., you can get your groove on, dancin’ to the beats of Murasaki. Spinning jazz, funk, hip hop, rock and disco, they are three talented local DJs, who will get you moving in between your Dragon Ball and your Sapporo.

Now I know that when it comes to sushi, there are sushi eaters and there are sushi eaters. Folks like my sister, who is somewhat of a sushi aficionado, might not add this place to their list of sushi bars offering up the most divine and succulent plates. Still, I don’t think they would be disappointed either.

Sushi Cam – just a clean, friendly, decent sushi place with an awesome staff and rock bottom prices. Keep in mind, those prices are to be IN CASH. NO PLASTIC ACCEPTED.

Sushi Cam. 8300 Wilshire Blvd. (where Wilshire and San Vicente meet). Beverly Hills.

Happy hour is Monday thru Friday from 4-7p and Saturday/Sunday from 11:30a-4p and 9p to closing. Prices during other times are still very low at $3 for sushi, wine, sake and beer.



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