I Am Bradley Manning

Today, as the trial of PFC Bradley Manning continues, I just had to post this great  I AM BRADLEY MANNING video. It’s a crying shame that a guy who reported atrocities is being accused of “aiding the enemy.” As many have said, since we, the pubic, are the ones who gained from this information, who would not have had this information but for someone such as Bradley Manning confirming it – are we the enemy?

If the top headlines of today are any indication, I would say we have cause for concern in that regard. Case in point: the FBI’s massive phone record collection that has been going on for some time now without our knowledge. Seems we are all suspects.

Then, we’ve got the administration aiding Al Qaeda in Syria and chomping at the bit to do more. Yet, they say Al Qaeda is out to get us.

Just who is the enemy here? Certainly not Bradley Manning.