Finally! I found my go-to spot for recession-proof lunch! This grub is tasty, nutritious and downright affordable! I like to get the Ban Chan, which is two veggie sides from their cold plate. They’ve got several tasty choices. I go with the mushrooms and the squash. The squash is like spaghetti and it is delicious. I mix that up with an order of rice with egg and blend in their fabulous spicy soy sauce.

It all comes out to under a fiver with tax and tip!

There are loads of other options too. I read another article about a super tender tasty beef item for $12. So, if you are into eating cows, which I lot of people are, you might find that to your liking. They do have grilled tofu, which I’ve also had and it is awesome. It’s all grilled right there before your very eyes.

Apparently, this is the only locations so far. They call it fast casual version of Korean barbeque. It’s at Fig and 7th in downtown Los Angeles.

735 S Figueroa Street #123

Los Angeles, CA 90017

Phone (213) 614 – 9090


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