Talking Turkey – Farm Raised Turkey

So, in case you haven’t heard, GOP communications director Elizabeth Lauten has resigned over the flap she caused when she started talking smack about the Obama daughters and the faces they were making during the White House turkey pardon ceremony,

I don’t know.

My first thought, when I saw one of the photos taken during the proceeding, was that the girls seemed to be reacting to the grossly large breasts on that turkey.  It looks like that guy is having a hard time walking.

Anyways, I did a little poking around to find out what happens to the pardoned turkeys. I guess the whole idea stated under Harry Truman in 1947. Wikipedia says that Eisenhower ate the turkeys presented to him and Reagan didn’t pardon any during his last year as president.

The post-ceremony saga is pretty sad. The turkeys really have been raised to eat and not to live happily, so they really need a lot of special care if they’re going to survive long and apparently they never get it. They usually don’t live more than a year after their pardon.

A Huffington Post article I read said that, until 2005, the turkeys went to a place called Frying Pan Park until they died. Sounds comfortable. Starting in 2005, they started going to Disney World or Disney Land until animal rights groups asked that they not be sent there because of the treatment they were receiving.

In recent years, a place called Farm Sancutary has pledged to nurture the birds to four – five more years of life on its’ 175-acre refuge. The “spared” birds have also been invited to live out their days at the Wild Turkey Bourbon farm, languishing on 750 acres. Instead, they are now being sent to Mount Vernon where Peace, one of the 2011 turkeys was euthanized.


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