Some young people are coming up with some crazy stuff to do during these hard times. Looking at my own life as well as most people I know and observe, I’ve long thought it to be a miracle that anyone in our society survives their twenties. As time passes, this survival seems to become ever more miraculous in view of the destruction of our environment, and the reduction of access to basic needs for the great majority of people.

I was at the gym this evening, tuning in to CNN as I did my cardio workout on the treadmill. That’s all they offer apart from football; so, there really is no choice.

I was actually thankful when they finally took a break from spreading lies about what is going on in Syria and turned to some sad and sordid human interest stories. These tales came in the form of Anderson Cooper’s RidiculList show.

One of the items on Cooper’s show was about butt-chugging.

Apparently, a frat house full of geniuses down at the University of Tennessee were inserting wine up their rectums when one of them ended up in the emergency room because of it. Cooper said it wasn’t the first time something like this has been reported.

It was news to me; and, once I got home, I read up on it a bit.

Sure enough, there have been some instances of this craziness reported as far back as 2007. One article I saw had a photo of a guy laying on the floor with a plastic tube apparently up his glory hole. He looks like he has lost all motor function. I spotted a comment on another site where a reader advised to “do red because white stings.”

I don’t think this practice is as common as, say, quarters was in my day, but it is certainly not unheard of – except by me, before today. Adherents claim that, unlike having a “drink,” in the traditional manner, i.e., through your mouth, this method bypasses the liver and gets you real tanked, real quick. Another benefit is that you won’t have alcohol breath.

If it suits your fancy, you can also soak a tampon in vodka and insert it into your rectum or vagina. Another attractive possibility.

Really re-defines the meaning of the phrase “social drinker,” doesn’t it? I



 As thousands of public school teachers rally today in Chicago, it is clear that they know the future of public education in this country is at stake. Despite media coverage that has failed to highlight the true nature of this fight, it is clear that teachers in Chicago and around the country are far from the lazy, money hungry pariahs that the neo-cons hope to paint them as.

In fact, their biggest concern right now is the same reason they got into the game in the first place – to teach young people. The points of contention between Chicago teachers and the school districts at this time all have to do with quality in education: class size, lack of books, the room to measure progress according to each student’s needs and enough job security to follow through on that promise.

Those who would privatize and commodify every last thing on God’s formerly-green earth are on the offensive, seeking whom and what they may devour.

I came across a video of Molly Meacham, a Chicago high school teacher. It’s entitled, “How a Political Poem was Bullied out of Me.”

The truth is that most teachers feel just this passion for their vocation. I have certainly known many who do — and many who have lost their jobs after years of service. This cannot be good for students. It takes a certain amount of time to gain the skills and experience to lead a classroom. It seems to me this is lesson one for a teacher. It is just plain crazy to remove teachers who have gained this skill and replace them with those who have yet to learn it.

Of course, I’m not saying we don’t need new teachers – but, the new can learn from the more experienced – just like in any job. When more senior teachers are removed for the sake of paying less in salary and benefits, everyone loses.

Now, the struggle has been ratcheted up; and, educators are forced to go to bat for the very existence of free education. As for me, I stand with Molly for the integrity of the public school system. All young people deserve a free and quality education.


Naturally, there’s been a lot of comment today on the horrific terror attack at a premier of “The Dark Knight Rises” in Colorado. So far, the most insightful one I’ve seen said that something is wrong with a society when it is easier to get a cache of guns and ammunition than it is to get mental health services.

Apparently, suspect James Holmes purchased over 6,000 rounds of ammunition over the internet in the past 60 days.

Interesting as well that several journalists made sure that we knew that Holmes, “doesn’t appear to have anything to do with “radical terrorism or anything related to Islamic terrorism.” I guess what he did is just middle-of-the-road terrorism. Was this supposed to be a re-assurance?

Maybe this type of terrorism is in the same category as the bombing in Damascus on Wednesday that killed several top government officials — in other words, acts of terror that are not being defined as such.

I guess it’s also not terrorism for tweeters to post videos of the body of a tortured and murdered head of state and suggest that the president of Syria be murdered and mutilated in the same manner.

Speaking of terrorism, wouldn’t ya know it? One of the groups that is teaming up with the “rebels” over in Syria is none other than Al-Qaeda! I’m pretty sure they are Islamic and also radical. I guess once they were done with all their blood and guts freedom-fighting over in Libya, getting rid of that pesky Qaddafi who wanted the country’s oil money for the population, they just decided to pay al-Assad a visit and teach him a thing or two. After all, they’ve got the biggest boys on the block behind ’em. Boy, for constantly crowing about Islamic terrorism, the U.S. government sure is doing a good job of getting rid of all the secular governments in the Middle East!

I thought Al-Qaeda was the whole reason for this “war on terror” that we’ve been having now for eleven years.

I think I’m pretty confused about Killary and Company’s version of terrorism. And, I wonder what Clinton means when she says that Russia and China will “pay a price” for suggesting that Syria’s problems be handled by Syrians. That sounds pretty scary too.  Boy, she says Russia and China will “pay a price,” but there’s ole Al-Qaeda themselves, waving their big black flag all over Libya and Syria and I guess that’s just okay with Killary.